PRC Macro

PRC Macro Limited was established to develop economic information and forecasting services to fill the large analytical gaps that exist with respect to China’s political economy. This includes the development of new proprietary sources of data, new analytical models, and extensive on the ground research. Our senior team has decades of experience delivering economic insight products to global financial institutions, corporations, as well as tailoring products to client specific needs.


We source our own proprietary data, and like our analysis it is free of conflicts of interest and manipulation.


Analysts in Asia and North America allow for round the clock access to our analytical team. This is part of what allows us to provide research and advisory services that deliver what our clients need, when they need it.


PRC Macro advisers provide clients with a combination of proprietary data, indexes and analytical tools that enable them to see distributions where others can only reference averages, and thus understand emergent trends at their source. Data constraints pose one of the biggest obstacles to understanding what is happening in China’s economic system. This is especially true when it comes to understanding the income and expenditure patterns, as well as investment preferences of households. What do per capita figures for a population of 1.3 billion people really tell you?


Most official statistical data on China’s economic system is released with a lag of several weeks. In the extreme case of detailed household income and expenditure series, the delay is over a year. At PRC Macro our survey-driven data series are updated within days of the end of a given month or quarter, and allow clients to challenge consensus views and modify their own expectations ahead of the release of widely followed indicators.

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