Joseph Kasputys, PhDChairman

    Joe served as President and CEO of Primark Corporation (NYSE listed) from 1987 to 2000, transforming the conglomerate into a leading financial information services and technology company. Following the sale of the company to Thomson Corporation in 2001, he served briefly as Chairman of the newly established Thomson Financial, managing the integration of Primark’s financial information businesses with those of Thomson. In 2001 he founded Global Insight, a company that joined together the world’s premier economic and financial analysis and forecasting firms, consisting of Data Resources International (DRI) and WEFA (formerly Wharton Economic Forecasting Associates). Additional acquisitions later included DAFSA, a European market research company, and GlobalInTech (formerly Primark Poland), a software company specializing in time-series data management. Joe served as Chairman, President and CEO of Global Insight until its sale to IHS in October 2008. He continued to serve as Chairman of the merged company until 2010. Most recently he was a founding partner in and serves as Chairman and CEO of China Monitor Inc (CMI), a platform for China macroeconomic and industry forecasting and analysis drawing on the extensive resources of partner company China Economic Information Network (CEInet).